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Welcome to Web-Xpress and Think Tank SEO, an innovative calgary seo company that provides high level SEO strategies and a high level of one on one service.




Web-Xpress and Think Tank SEO provide Calgary companies with organic search engine optimization and we specialize in managing in Google Adwords Campaigns.


No doubt you've heard someone in Calgary SEO talk about content management strategies for various subjects such as blogging, social media, website content, etcetera. In all that discussion going on, you've probably also heard the mantra, “Content is King!” Over the years as Google's search engine algorithms have morphed and changed, this mantra has become more true than ever.

Major SEO experts around the Internet are now talking about a new move by Google over the past couple years, that is starting to gain traction and could conceivably overtake quality link-backs in the years to come. This is the move to Google Authorship. Whether you are creating your own content on your own website, guest blogging, or creating content on your chosen social media platforms, being able to prove that you own that content just became another important piece of the content management puzzle!


Matt Cutts talks about Pake Rank and SEO:

Google Authorship begins with a Google Plus account. Google gave you a “preliminary” account if you updated your Youtube account settings, Gmail account settings, or any one of the other products now under the Google umbrella. However, it won't yet be activated. Once you activate this account, you'll need to learn how to set yourself up to prove that you own the content you are sending into the search engines.

This is where an Calgary SEO company such as Think Tank SEO can enter the picture. Their business is to assist you with ensuring that the content you create benefits your company's goals, and gets you into the search engines where your customers will find you. Owning your content via Google Authorship will give an added boost to your site's content and make it easier to be found online. Richard Conover, the head SEO specialist over at Think Tank SEO, can meet with you face to face at the time and place of your choosing, to discuss your business and the best SEO strategies to get it out where clients will see it.


For more information on how Think Tank SEO and Web Xpress can help your company dominate please give us a call. 403-540-6869.





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